COVID-19 Period Updates

Stoke Damerel Parish is open both for private prayer and for public worship. We may not be able to sing but we are able to gather socially distanced and worship Almighty God. Please sanitise your hands on both entry and exit. You will be expected to wear a mask (unless exempt) at all times.
Please do not stand in groups before or afterwards as this is not advised by HMP.

All our liturgies are livestreamed on YouTube on our site 'Stoke Damerel Parish Church'.


COVID-19 Period Help Request

If you need help during the COVID-19 period, then please fill in the form below, and we will contact you to see what we can do:

By clicking "Send" below, you agree that we can hold your information, until it is no longer needed.

(REMEMBER: this is not a real form. Contact your local church if you really do need help.)