At full strength, we have ten choristers, and are able to sing four-part harmony.  As a small group of singers committed to enhancing the worship of the church, we are fairly modest in our choice of music, aspiring to blend our voices in well sung hymns and anthems rather than aiming for spectacular performances.  We do look for pieces from a range of sources, based on the traditions of Ancient & Modern, Hymns and Songs for Refreshing Worship and including more recent compositions.
The Coronavirus pandemic brought singing to an almost complete standstill, but the relaxation of regulations allowed us to return almost to normal.  Very sadly, no sooner had singing become possible again than our organist John Maund suddenly died.  We resorted to singing along with the recorded music jointly provided by the St Martin's Singers and the Royal School of Church Music.  A happy consequence of a failure of technology one Sunday forcing us to sing unaccompanied is that congregation and choir alike enjoyed the experience so much that we continue to do so.  We have even recruited two new sopranos.  We would be delighted to welcome more new singers as well, of course, to find a new organist, as we look to future growth and musical development in carrying out what John Maund called "the ministry of music".     


Royal School of Church Music

Hubb Support, 17/08/2020